To install Xerox printers easily, download and install Xerox Smart Start:

On the linked webpage click the "Get The Installer" button to download the installation program.

Next, click the downloaded file on the bottom left of your browser window.

Hit "Agree" on the bottom of the license agreement.

This will bring up a list of printers that may not include the printers available in your location.  If the printers are not correct, click on "Don't See Your Printer?"

On the next screen, press search again which will cause the program to attempt to discover the Xerox printers in the area.  If it is still not showing the correct printers for your site you will need to enter the printer's network address manually.

Doing so will bring you to a screen similar to the automatically generated list only with the single printer on it, either way once you hit the "Quick Install" the process is the same.

Once the installer completes you can "Print a Test Page" to make sure the installation was successful and/or, "Install Another Device".