You can now create and edit your expense & visa reconciliation reports in Google Sheets using the template in Google Drive. 

To get started:

  1. Navigate to Google Drive in Goole Chrome.
  2. NAVIGATE TO THE FOLDER YOU WOULD LIKE THE FILE SAVED IN. If you do not do this you may have issues moving the file from one shared drive to another. Expense reports are stored in Finance > Accounts Payable > Expenses
  3. Click the + NEW button on the top left corner
  4. Move your mouse over the arrow beside Google Sheets, and choose From a Template 
  5. To create a new expense/visa reconciliation report, click on the file named  "Template CG Expense & Visa Reconciliation" 
  6. Rename the file by entering a new title, and remember to keep in mind the Century Group naming conventions
  7. Select the expense type from the first drop-down menu
  8. Select the entity from the next dropdown list
  9. Complete your report and then download a PDF version, File > Download > PDF document. Sign this document and forward it to your leader for their approval. NOTE: You can use Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF and sign it electronically.