You can find files in Google Drive by searching for:

  • File title
  • File contents 
  • Items featured in pictures, PDF files, or other files 

To narrow your search, click the Down arrow ▾

  • Type: File types such as documents, images, or PDFs.
  • Date modified: The date a file was last edited.
  • Item name: Searches only for the title of the file.
  • Has the words: Searches for words and phrases within documents.
  • Owner: The person the file belongs to.
  • Shared with: Who can view, comment, or edit the file.
  • Location: Whether the file is in a specific folder, "Trash," or "Starred." 
  • Follow up: If the file has action items assigned to you, or suggestions in files you own.

To quickly bookmark files and folders that are often accessed and referred to:

  • Right click on the item, and select 'Add to Starred'
  • Starred items, as well as your most recently accessed files, are on the left hand column.

For further information, including how to search on mobile, refer this article.