Warning: This platform will be discontinued. To host a conference, please use Google Meet.

Century Group has two conference bridge channels available, 1 and 2, which can be pre-booked like other resources. Conference calls can be run from any phone (including cell phones and personal phones) from any location.

To host a conference:

1. Call 604-343-5554 (or toll-free 888-895-0602)

2. Press the number of the Conference Bridge: 1  //  2

3. Enter the conference passcode: Bridge 1: 9856  //  Bridge 2: 6589

Instruct other participants on the conference call to do the same.

For calls where just one party calls in, it may be easier to have them call the conference phone directly:

Riverside604.424.8049 (ext. 2701)
Central604.424.8050 (ext.2703)
The Crossroads604.424.8048 (ext. 2702)
The Station604.948.3844 (ext. 3844)