Due to certain limitations with Microsoft's user account provisioning, we are not able to create Microsoft accounts with secondary domains such as @barbicanpm.ca, BlueCity.ca, or CivicHotel.ca. If your company email address ends with one of these domains or another domain that is not @centurygroup.ca then follow the steps in this guide to sign in to MS Office 365 apps. 

  1. Open one of the Office 365 applications on your computer such as Word or Excel, click on the account section and then select 'Sign In'.
  2. Next, enter an email address in the format firstname.lastname@centurygroup.ca. For example, if your email address is ron.swanson@bluecity.ca, enter ron.swanson@centurygroup.ca.
  3. You will be redirected to the Google login page where you can now log in using your actual email address. In this example, we'd log in using ron.swanson@bluecity.ca