Conference call with 3CX

In many cases, guests will use the conference phone hardware to dial into externally hosted conference calls created via their own corporate platform such as Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom etc... (See details below on how to dial into a Teams, Meet, or Zoom call) However, for guests looking to host a conference call using the hotel’s phone system, this is also possible and requires at least 24 hours notice. 

For help scheduling a conference call for a guest, please contact contact and provide the following information:

  • The extension of the conference phone that will be used to host the meeting. This is important as the meeting will only start when the ‘host’ joins the call. 

  • The time, date & duration of the call

The IS team will schedule the call and provide the unique Pin. This Pin is required for guests to join the call. 

Connecting to the call (Host)

To connect to the conference call as the host, follow the steps below using the conference phone and extension assigned to the call:

  • Dial 79999

  • If prompted, enter the Pin associated with the meeting

  • The meeting will now start. If the host leaves, the meeting will end. 

Connect to the call (External)

Users outside the hotel can connect to the conference call from any phone by following these steps:

  • Dial the main number for Civic Hotel 604.951.3331

  • When you hear the welcome message, dial 79999

  • When prompted, enter the meeting Pin

  • You will now be connected to the meeting

Using the conference phone to dial into a Teams, Meet, Zoom or other existing meeting

If a guest is using the conference phone to dial into a meeting hosted on another platform such as Teams, Meet, Zoom etc... They can simply dial the dial-in number shown in the meeting invite. For example, in Google Meet it would look something like this: