You can access Google Drive documents directly in the Adobe Reader app on your iPad or iPhone. 

NOTE: File will need to be in either your "My Drive" or "Shared with me" for this to work. Shared Drives aren't currently supported.

  1. Open "Adobe Reader" app on your iOS device. If you have a company-provided device, this should be auto-installed.
  2. Sign-In with your Google Account when prompted and choose "Enterprise ID". Editing options are tied to your license.
  3. Select Files on the bottom row.
  4. Select "Google Drive" and follow prompts 

After this, you will be able to view and edit any documents stored in your "MyDrive" or "Shared with Me". You will also be able to add PDFs to these locations if you were creating or combining on your iPad. Any annotations, edits, or markups will be synchronized back to the original file in Drive.