Request the time off in Dayforce.

Vacation Calendar

Create an all-day event in the Vacation Calendar with your first and last name when you are planning on taking time off work. 

Make sure to choose the appropriate Vacation Calendar for your team. For Head Office, this is called "Vacation Calendar", Civic Hotel is "Vacation Calendar - Civic Hotel", "OPs Vacation/Absenses", "Barbican Team Vacation Calendar" or other that your team shares.

Out of Office

Create an "Out Of Office" event in your calendar for the time you will be away. This will automatically decline all meetings for the time period you are away. Also during your vacation time, this will inform anyone within the company who is trying to contact you via email or a chat that you are "out of office".

Vacation Responder

In your Gmail settings, create a Vacation Responder set for the time period you will be away. This can help inform those who are trying to contact you when you will be back or an alternative person to contact.