To register an employee's fingerprint:

1. Press the right arrow on the main screen.

2. Press the supervisor button.

3. You will now be prompted to place your finger on the scanner and the scanner will light up in blue.

4. Press the “Fingerprint Enrollment” button.

5. Press the “Enroll Employee” Button.

6. Enter the employee ID where it asks for badge ID and the employee will be prompted to place their first finger on the bio reader.

7. The scanner will go through the following stages as it registers the print, if there are issues getting the print to register the employee may be pressing too hard.  Have them gently rest their finger on the scanner.

8. Once the first finger is successfully enrolled there will be a prompt to register a second finger.  Just follow the steps from the first finger again.

Note: The employee fingerprint is not stored as an image. For security purposes It is stored as a hashed alphanumeric "template" that can not be reverse engineered.