What is MFA?

In addition to requiring your username and password, which are said to be “something you know”, Multi-Factor Authentication also requires “something you are” (eg. fingerprint or face) or “something you have” (eg. security dongle or mobile device). This additional requirement increases digital security massively, eliminating close to 100% of automated account attacks.

For a more detailed overview of MFA, check out this support article.

What you need to get started? 

Before you get started, make sure you have the following available:

  • A company-provided cellphone or personal cellphone (if you are partially reimbursed for using your cellphone for work).
  • Gmail app installed and signed in with your company email address. 
  • A company-provided laptop.

If you have any questions before you begin, contact the IS team.

Setup Multi-factor Authentication

  1. On your computer, open Chrome, click on your profile in the top right-hand corner and select Manage your Google Account.  

  1. On the left navigation panel, click Security.

  1. On the Signing in to Google panel, click 2-Step Verification.

  1. Click Get started and follow the steps on the screen. You’ll see your iPhone listed as an option for Google Prompt. 

  1. Select Try It Now.

  2. You’ll receive a prompt on your iPhone to approve this sign in.

  1. Select Yes. From now on when you sign into new devices using your company email address and password you’ll receive a prompt like this to verify your identity. 

  2. You’ll be asked to save Backup Codes as a secondary form of authentication in case you don’t have access to your iPhone. These are one-time codes. Download them and store them somewhere safe. IS can also provide you with these in the future if needed.

  3. The final step is to select Turn On. 

Next steps:

For those of you who have the Global Address List (Company Directory) set up on your iPhone, there are some additional steps required to retain access to it after enrolling in MFA. Follow the steps in this article to configure it on your phone: Access Global Address List on iOS devices for MFA-enabled Google accounts