If you only own a company provided cell phone (and not a computer) then here are the steps you can take to enable MFA on your iPhone device.

Enable MFA on your iPhone

    1. Open Gmail app on your iPhone device and click on your avatar at the top right corner and select Manage your Google account.

    2. Select the tab Security.

    3. Turn on 2-Step Verification, this will take you to another page where you can follow the steps and enable MFA.

Steps to Access Century Group’s Global Address List (GAL) on an iOS device

If your Century Group Google account has MFA enabled follow these steps to access the Global Address List.

Note: Before you add the account to your device, you’ll need to generate a specific app password. You’ll only need to enter this password once so you don’t need to remember it. 

Generate App Password

  1. In Chrome, click on your avatar in the top right corner and select Manage your Google account.

  2. On the left side of your screen select Security and then select 2-Step Verification.

  3. This will take you to a different page where you can enter your password.

  4. After signing in, select App Passwords from the bottom of the page.

  5. Here you can enter App name as"Contacts". 

  6. Click Create.

  7. You’ll be presented with a unique app password. Copy this password to clipboard. You will be using this password to sign in on your iOS device following the steps below. 

Updating your password on your device

If the Global Address List was previously set up on your device, you can update the password using the following steps.

  • On your iOS device, tap Settings.

  • Tap Mail > Accounts > Exchange. (For older versions of iOS, select Passwords & Accounts > Exchange

  • Tap on Account (your email address will also be listed)

  • Delete the password, and enter the App Password you generated using the steps above

  • Tap "Done"

If you have never set up the Global address list before, follow these steps below:

Add Global Address List on your iOS device

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Mail > Accounts > Add Account.

  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange.

  4. Enter your Century Group email address and tap Next.

  5. Tap Configure Manually.

  6. Enter the app password generated using the steps above and tap Next

  7. Next to Server, enter m.google.com.

  8. Next to Username, enter your Century Group email address and tap Next.

  9. Turn off all Mail, Calendar and Reminders. Only Contacts should be turned on. Tap Save.

  10. You can now access the Global Address List through Contacts on your device. 

Access the Global Address List

  1. Open Contacts on your iOS device

  2. Select Lists in the top left-hand corner

  3. Select Exchange Global Address List.

  4. Enter the employee name in the search field to display their contact information.