Messages in Rooms are grouped into threads which provide a great way of making sure all relevant information is grouped together. This also allows for notifications to be sent to the relevant people discussing instead of notifying the whole group.

Start a new thread

Use conversation threads in Google Chat to discuss separate topics in a room.

  1. At the bottom, click New thread in room name.
  2. Enter the message and then press Enter.

Tip: If there are new messages, click New Messages to view them at the bottom.

Reply to a thread

To reply to a Google Chat message, you can enter your text in the reply area or select a suggestion, if available.

  1. Below the message, click the reply area.
  2. Enter your message or pick a suggestion

  3. Press Return or click Send .

Tip: In a room, don't enter your reply at the bottom under New thread. That creates a new conversation thread instead of replying.

Other options

You can add these options to your message:

  • Type Mention  to add a person to the conversation.
  • Click Upload Upload to share files from your device. Everyone in a room can view shared files.
  • Click Add a Drive file  to share files from Google Drive. Everyone in a room can view shared Drive files.
  • Click Add video meeting Add video meeting to start a video call.
  • Click Emoji  to add emojis to your message.