DocuSign is a platform to send and receive documents with key stakeholders efficiently. Its main advantages are being able to send the same document to multiple parties, specify signage fields for each recipient, and the ability to send a link to the same document for multiple outside parties.


DocuSign can be used whenever a signature is required by one or more outside parties, or legal compliance is required on an electronically signed document.

How to use


  1. Navigate to account.docusign.com, and enter your email address
  2. You will be prompted to verify your Google credentials
  3. If you get an error, please send a ticket to help@centurygroup.ca


This is the home page of DocuSign

  1. New- Start a New Envelope, Sign a Document, or Use a Template
    • Envelopes are one or multiple documents that need to be signed one or more parties
    • Sign a Document - allows you to upload and place your signature on a document
    • Use a Template - if you, or your team, have set up templates for commonly sent documents to send out
  2. Menu Bar
    • Home - Page pictured
    • Manage - See completed and in progress envelopes and documents.¬†
    • Templates - Manage templates for commonly used documents (e.g, rental agreements)
    • Reports - see total number of sent and received documents along with other statistics

Useful Links