Adobe Acrobat can be used to digitally sign a PDF document securely. 

Before you can add your digital signature to a document, you'll need to create a digital ID. A self-signed digital ID is like an electronic driver’s license or passport that proves your identity.  It allows you to add a verified digital signature to a file as well as giving you the option to encrypt the file, preventing someone else from editing it. 

Follow steps in this article from Adobe to create your self-signed Digital ID. 

Note, some steps require you to choose an option. Please follow the guide below to select the correct settings.  

Step 5 - This only applies to Windows users. Please select New PKCS#12 Digital ID File at this step.

Step 6 - For Key Algorithm, select 2048-bit RSA and for Use Digital ID for, select Digital Signatures and Data Encryption.

Step 7 - Do not change the File Name or location. Make sure the password is something you'll remember. 

You will only need to do this process once. Please contact the IS team if you have questions or issues setting this up.

Once you've set up your Digital ID, you're ready to start signing documents using your digital ID. 

Adding a verified digital signature to a file

  1. Open the PDF file you'd like to digitally sign in Adobe Acrobat. 
  2. From the Tools menu on the right side, select More Tools.
  3. Find Certificates and select Add. You'll see a Certificates shortcut appear on the right side Tools menu. This shortcut will now be there for quick access in the future.
  4. Select Certificates from the right side menu. A toolbar will appear above your PDF. Select Digitally Sign.
  5. A prompt will appear on the screen asking you to click and drag to draw the area you would like the signature to appear. Once you have drawn the area, you will be prompted to select your digital signature. 
  6. Select the appropriate signature from the list. Make sure it has Digital ID file in brackets next to your name. 
  7. Select Continue. You will be asked to enter the password you created when you initially set up your Digital ID. You also have the option to Lock document after signing, select this option if you wish. A locked document can not be edited after you've signed it. 
  8. Save the file. You've successfully digitally signed your file!