Bria softphone provides a method of answering and directing calls from your office phone. 

Get Started

To log in please enter your user name and password as provided by the IS team. You can choose to have the program log in automatically (recommended) or just remember your user name and password.

This will bring you to the main Bria screen.  You can manually type in a phone number using your keyboard or search for a contact.

once you finish typing the number your call will automatically start.

When you are on a call you will get the following screen.

To forward a call just hit the call forward button and enter the number that you want to forward to.  If you are not going to be at your desk and want to forward all incoming calls just hit *72 and the number you want to forward to.  When you are back at your desk type *73 to end forwarding.

When you receive a call you will get a pop-up notification and if your speakers are turned up (which is suggested) you will get a ring tone.