Google Meet is Century Group's official video conferencing platform. Meet supports up to 250 participants and requires no additional software to be installed or account to be set-up.

When you're invited to a meeting, there will be a link in the calendar invite for you to join (e.g. No log-in is required.

Join a Meeting

1.Allow access to your microphone and camera (if asked)
2.Enter your name, and select "Ask to join"

You can also mute your audio and toggle video with the buttons below your image (circled in red)

Your host will be prompted to let you in, after which you will be able to start your meeting.

Presenting your Screen

Once you have joined or started a Google Meet session

  1. Select "Present now" in the bottom right-hand corner
  2. Select one of two options:
    1. Your entire screen will mirror what is happening on your screen (most common)
    2. A window - Useful if you have a Google Slideshow already in progress so people can't see your presenter note.

Use your Phone for Audio and other options    

If you find it's still hard to hear participants through your computer, or you have a spotty connection, you can use your phone for audio.

  • Change layout - arranges your participants differently if you'd prefer to see more faces at once
  • Full screen - brings your meeting fullscreen
  • Turn on captions - provides closed captioning for the meeting so you can follow along. Useful if you're in a noisy environment or have a spotty connection if someone is cutting out.
  • Settings - Use this to toggle your microphone or camera settings. Useful if you connect headphones and can't figure out why your audio isn't going through your headphones.
  • Use a phone for audio - input your phone number and Google will call your so you can conference with your phone. Be sure to mute your computer if you do this.