If you are unsure what the password is to get on a wireless network but you have another computer that is already connected there is a way to access that information.  Follow these steps on the computer that is currently connected to the wireless network in question.

Right-click on the wireless icon.

Which will bring up the following menu

Click on "Open Network & internet Settings

Click "Change Adapter Options"

Alternate click (right-click) on the wireless network you are looking at connecting to.

In the Menu that comes up click "Status"

The box that will now pop up has a "Wireless Properties" button, click on it

In the Wireless Properties box press the "Security" Tab

Click the "Show Characters" box and if prompted enter the administrator password for the computer you are logged into.

The password will now show up in plain text and you can copy it over to the computer that you are attempting to access your network with.