Shortcuts help provide quick access to files and folders that you frequently use. If the folder that your shortcut links to has moved, then you might receive an error message.

To resolve this issue, you will have to remove and recreate the shortcut.

File Explorer Shortcuts

1. Remove the broken shortcut by right-clicking on the shortcut and clicking Unpin from Quick Access

2. Navigate to the new folder location

3. Click and drag the folder to Quick Access or right-click and choose Pin to Quick Access

Desktop Shortcuts

The first step is to delete all broken shortcuts. This can be done by dragging them to the trash.

You will now have to re-create these shortcuts. 

1. Navigate to the folder in your shared drive you would like to favourite by going through Google Drive File Stream under Computer.

2. Secondary-click (Right-click)  on the folder you would like to have a desktop favourite of.

3. Select Send to

4. Select Desktop (create shortcut).