All slides are located in your site's Digital Assets Team Drive, In a folder called "Daily". You have one set of slides for each day of the week.

Saving and Uploading

Google slides will automatically save and changes so no need to save. The daily slides will upload and change over to the next day slides automatically at midnight. For example on Monday evening at midnight the slides will change over to the Tuesday slides. If you make changes the day of, those changes will automatically refresh every 5 minutes.

Adding a New Slide

The Communications team has made different templates for different situations such as “Bus Outing” or "Birthday". To add a new slide click on the down arrow beside the plus button, then select the type of slide you would like add. 


Adding in Photos from Team Drives

Most photos from group events are added to Team Drives > Digital Assets > Photography.

Go to Insert > Image > Drive.


This will open your google drive on the right side of the screen. Where you can navigate to Team Drives > Digital Assets > Photography.

If you then change Name to “Last Modified” you will have the most recent photographs first.

You can then either drag the photo of your choice into your slide or select the phone, then choose insert on the bottom of the page.

Adding Photos from the web

Go to Insert > Image > Search the web

This will then create a box on the right side where you can search google images. Then you can either drag into your slide or select, then choose insert on the bottom of the page.

Resizing an Image

DO NOT resize an image from the sides of the image. Alway resize from the corners of an image to make sure the image does not get stretched or distorted.