Warning: DO NOT make any changes to these devices except under direction from an IS team member. 

When troubleshooting a network issue, the IS team may request assistance from Engineering.  

This document will will help you identify what equipment might be mentioned.  

In the Mechanical room you will see two main pieces of equipment

Large black rectangle (A) called a “UPS”, which provides power to the switch.       
Long silver rectangle (B) called a “switch”, which provides connectivity to the network.

Each set of devices supplies connectivity to a specific hotel floor. Two floors are served from each mechanical room. 

Check if the switch has any lights on where the cables plug in If the switch does not have any lights on, check if the Display on the UPS is on
If the IS team instructs you to power on the UPS:
  1. Press and hold the button labeled “mode” for a second.  You should be able to hear both devices power on when the fans kick in, the fans should slow down shortly after indicating that the device is booting up. 
  2. Wait for confirmation from IS that the device has come back online.