• The reception computer now has two displays connected to it. That means if you move your mouse left to right it will go from your main display to the video camera display. 

  • The best way to prevent issues is DO NOT CLOSE GOOGLE CHROME. Instead minimize Google Chrome by clicking on the small line on the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • There is an icon on your desktop named Video Cameras that you will click and will open Chrome with your cameras.


Can’t find your mouse?

Your main display and the video camera display is connected. Look on the video camera display for your mouse icon then move your mouse to the right to get it back on your main screen.

Cameras are not open?

Click on the desktop icon name VIDEO CAMERAS.

Cameras are open but you want to open Gmail or other Website?

You will need to open another Window in Chrome.

On the Taskbar, secondary (right-click) on the Chrome Icon, and select NEW WINDOW.

Camera or Gmail showing on wrong screen?

You can move from one screen to another by clicking anywhere on this top bar, holding and dragging the window onto the correct screen.

Do you see a warning saying “Your connection is not private”?

This is not an issue and you may proceed. To do so click on ADVANCED then PROCEED.

On the top URL bar you will also see NOT SECURE, which is not an issue.