The new Gmail for iOS gets rid of the previous bright red color that themed the app bar and other parts of the interface. The top of the app is now a search bar, which makes searching all mail convenient. At the right is your avatar icon that opens an account switcher when tapped, so you can switch between your personal and work Google account quickly. To the left is a hamburger icon that opens the navigation drawer, which allows you to view all your tags, starred, and archived emails, as well as settings. In the bottom-right corner is a four-colored "+" to compose new emails. 

Besides the visual revamp, this version features three density “views” that users can select between: Default, Comfortable, Compact.

The standard will show the name of photos, documents, and other attachments right in the main message list for quick access. “Comfortable” gets rid of these pill-shaped shortcuts, while “Compact” removes sender icons for a very dense list. Users are prompted to choose a view on initial setup, but this option is available after the fact in Settings > Conversation list density at the bottom of the screen.

One benefit of the bright redesign is how labels and other colors immediately standout in the conversation lists. Another feature in this release is more prominent spam warnings for nefarious messages.