The first part of every file name is the Title.

This answers the questions: Where? Who?

The title is usually the abbreviations of the Place or Project the file relates to. Find the appropriate Places/Projects abbreviation from the abbreviation list. 

  • You can have more than one Place or Project abbreviation in the Title.
  • You may also use a person's name, if relevant (not yours). 
  • You may have both a Places/Projects abbreviation AND a person's name.

If using a personal name in the file name, please provide the surname first followed by the person’s first initial with no space between (ie: SmithR).


  • 3CP SmithR Default Ltr 2016-12-08
  • BPM Weekly Meeting Agenda 2014-09-14 
  • CGLC Annual Return 2015 
  • GEO SmithR Plumbing Ltr 2015-01-20
  • MAG Incident Report 2016-02-19 
  • CTI 2015 Renovation Budget Analysis 2016-10-02

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