Outside all our meeting rooms are iPads mounted on the wall which allow you to quickly tell if the room is free or currently booked. If it's free you can book the room directly from the iPad with one tap!

If the meeting room is booked the display will be RED. You can also use the iPad to extend your meeting if the room is available. If you finish your meeting early you can click End Meeting from the screen. If you require a meeting room but the one you're looking at is taken you can find another meeting room by clicking on find another room at the bottom of the screen. This will show you all of our meeting rooms and which are available and when they will be available.

If you arrive to your meeting room before your meeting the screen will be YELLOW. If you would like to start your meeting early and the room is available you will see a button to Start Early.

If the meeting room is available the display will be GREEN. You can book the room right from the iPad by selecting on the duration of time needed.

To check the meeting rooms schedule you can select Today's Schedule on the bottom right corner of the display. This will help tell you who has booked the room and for how long.