How to start an Owl meeting in Google Hangouts

The meeting Owl is a video conferencing camera that will dynamically capture 360° of video and audio.

  1. Plug your USB cable into the Owl, and then into the computer.

  2. Plug in your Owl’s power adapter and wait until Owl’s eyes stop pulsing.

  3. Open Hangouts and select Start a video call, or follow the Hangouts link that was provided to you.

  4. Select Settings ( settings.png ) at the top of the screen.

  5. Select Meeting Owl as your video, microphone and speaker.hangouts_settings.png

  6. You will be prompted to allow chrome to access your “microphone” “camera” and “speaker” click allow for each..

  7. Select Save and start your meeting.

For other meeting applications check out Owl support here.