Google has an "Out of Office" feature in the Calendar app to make meeting management a little easier.

Similar to Google's Vacation Responder feature in Gmail, which can send automated replies while you're away from your computer, the new Out of office feature lets you preemptively deny meeting requests for certain periods of time on your Google Calendar.

When going on vacation we would recommend creating this Out of Office event, filling out your vacation responder and if you are at head office, add those dates to the shared head office vacation calendar.

1. If you click on any blank space on your calendar it will automatically create a new event (If you click on the date along the top of the page it will create an all day event).

2. From there choose the middle option "Out of Office"

3. You can then customize the title, time range, and custom message.

Note: After you set your "Out of Office", new and existing meetings during this time will be automatically declined.