How to Access Google Drive File Stream

1. Open Windows Explorer and under This PC you should see Google Drive File Stream listed.

2. After you click on Google Drive File Stream you will have two items listed, My Drive and Team Drives.

3. After you click on Team Drive you will see all Drives that you have permission to access. You may see different folders than your coworkers, this will depend on your job role. 

How to Troubleshoot Google Drive File Stream is running

1. Check in the bottom right hand corner of your toolbar and make sure that Drive File Stream is running 

2. If it is not running from the start menu open Drive File Stream

If you get an error saying "Drive File Stream is already running". You can either restart your computer, or try quitting Drive File Stream and following these steps again.

To quit Drive File Stream:

  1. Open Drive File Stream by clicking on the icon in the toolbar
  2. Select the Settings icon > Quit