Google photos is an iPhone application that can be used to store, manage and backup your photos. This makes it easy to transfer your work photos from one phone to another, or to be able to take a photo on your phone and access it on your Computer.

1. Download google photos from the App StoreĀ or Play Store

2. When you first open the app, make sure you are signed in with your google work email.

3. It will ask you what quality you would like to upload. We have unlimited storage with our email so choose original photo and then you won't lose any quality.

4. If you choose to backup & sync, all your photos will be uploaded, if you turn that off you will have to select which photos you would like then choose "back up".

5. After your photos have been uploaded, you can delete them from your device to save space.

6. You can visit Google Photos to easily access all of your uploaded photos on a computer.

Google Photos have a ton of other features such as editing. For more information about Google Photos visit Google Support.