Jostle Android App - Getting Started

Step #1 - Open the ‘Google Play Store’ on your android mobile phone, search for ‘jostle’ and select from the list.

Screenshot_20170213-153127.png     Screenshot_20170213-153235.png     Screenshot_20170213-153247.png

Step #2

- Select ‘Install’ and then ‘Accept’.

- The app will take a few moments to download (time may vary based on internet speeds).

- Once the downloaded, select ‘Open’ to launch the app.

Screenshot_20170213-153317.png     Screenshot_20170213-153328.png     Screenshot_20170213-153358.png

Step #3 

- Enter your work email and select ‘Continue’.

- Then, enter your password (if you know it and have used it to login into Jostle before) and select ‘Login’.

Note:  If you are logging in for the first time, you will have to enter the temporary password which you received in the jostle invitation email. In this case, enter the temporary password and select ‘Login’

Here are some examples of what your work email address might be:




Screenshot_20170213-153418.png    Screenshot_20170213-153449.png    Screenshot_20170213-153630.png     

You’re in!

- You will first see the ‘Activity’ section where you can view shout-outs, birthday and anniversary celebrations. 

- You can also switch to the ‘News’ section to view job postings and company news.

Screenshot_20170213-154159.png     Screenshot_20170213-154313.png    Screenshot_20170213-154426.png     

Take some time to navigate and get familiar with the app. 

Have a look at the sections on the bottom about events, discussions, people and menu.

Screenshot_20170213-154602.png     Screenshot_20170213-154719.png     Screenshot_20170213-155126.png

                               Screenshot_20170213-155148.png     Screenshot_20170213-155217.png