If you are leaving the country and intend on using your company phone while away, you will need to request a roaming package. Review the options below to determine the best package for you and then seek approval from your leader before submitting your request.

In order to minimize roaming usage and data charges, please use Wi-Fi where possible. 

Business vs Personal Use

When you are deciding what package you need to request, consider whether you will be using your phone for business or personal use. Your leader needs to approve a package based on the assumption that the roaming incurred will be for business use. This approved package will be covered by the company as a business expense. Any charges above the approved package will be the responsibility of the user. 

If you are not using your phone for business but still want to use it for personal use while you are away, you can do this. A roaming package will be added automatically when you start roaming and you will be charged for this. You must still submit a ticket to let us know when and where you will be travelling. 

For personal use, you may want to consider purchasing a local SIM card for your trip. This is often a much more cost-effective option.

Where are you travelling and when?

Century Group's contract with Rogers includes unlimited coverage in Canada, so as long as we travel on the Rogers network we do not incur roaming or long distance charges. 

For the rest of the world, Rogers roaming plans are tiered and are added automatically based on usage. 

For example, if you travel to the US and start using data, Rogers puts you on its 1st tier plan ($0 for up to 2MB of data). If you use more than 2MB you then move up to the next tier ($20 for 3-250MB).

Roaming charges vary a lot based on where in the world you are travelling. Rogers breaks their plans into 4 Zones:

  1. United States
  2. Europe, Major Eastern Economies, Caribbean and Mexico
  3. All Other Asia, South America
  4. Africa

For a detailed breakdown, review this article: Century Group Roaming Plans

How much Voice, Data & SMS do you need?

Consider your anticipated use carefully before requesting a package. If you're spending most of your travel time in a resort or hotel with high-speed Wi-Fi, you may not require a robust data package added to your phone. Or if you need to be on call for your team, you may only want a voice package. You may also decide that a roaming package is not needed at all, particularly if you only intend on using your phone for personal use and getting a local SIM card. 

Roaming packages are broken into 3 add-ons, Voice, Data & SMS. Based on your anticipated usage, decide which tier you require for each. 

For example, if you are travelling to the US for work you may require the following:

  • Voice - 2nd Tier $20 (Unlimited )
  • Data - 3rd Tier $50 (251MB to 1GB)
  • SMS - 2nd Tier $5 (Unlimited)
  • Total package cost - $75

**If your roaming usage is greater than the requested package, you will be responsible for any charges over the approved amount.

Make the Request

Once you've decided on a package, and as applicable have authorization from your team leader, compose a message with the following information:

  1. Your wireless number including the prefix (e.g. 778.123.4567)
  2. The country/countries you will be visiting
  3. The travel package needed
    • Voice - 2nd Tier $20 (Unlimited )
    • Data - 3rd Tier $50 (251MB to 1GB)
    • SMS - 2nd Tier $5 (Unlimited)
    • Total package cost - $75
  4. The dates you will be away

Submit the message to the Resolution Centre:

Track and Manage Usage

iPhone users can track and manage their data via Settings > Cellular. Here you can turn on/off data roaming and find out which apps are using data. 

If you have any questions, please contact the IS team.