Step 1: Determine the accessory is for business use

Qualifying accessories include:

  • Hands Free Devices – wireless headsets, visor-mount speakerphones and related audio accessories
  • Cases – basic screen flip covers, holsters and hard cases
  • Chargers – USB cables, power blocks (wall plugs) and vehicle chargers (12W)
  • Memory Expansion – micro SD cards for Android and BlackBerry devices
  • Tablet keyboards – wireless type pads for touch screen devices 

Accessories that do NOT qualify:

  • Batteries
  • GPS Devices
  • Speaker systems
  • Designer cases

Note: Check with your supervisor (as applicable) to authorize the need for procurement.

Step 2: Make the Request

Compose a message with with the following information:

  1. Why you need the accessory (the business case)
  2. The device you would like
  3. A second choice if the device you would like is not available
  4. When you need it, or the level of urgency

Submit the message to the Resolution Centre:

  • By Email to: '' 
  • By Web: Submit a new ticket by clicking the '+ New' button and select 'Purchase Request' from the 'Type' drop down menu and choose the level of urgency from the 'Priority' drop down menu.

Step 3: Track the Request

Visit the website at any time to see the status of your ticket.