Supported Platforms

  • BlackBerry
  • iOS
  • Android

Note: This page is for telephones only. Request accessories here

Step 1: Verify that you qualify

You may request a new or replacement device if it fits one of these five criteria:

  1. It exhibits operational problems that are not fixed upon restart
  2. It is damaged as a result of accident (e.g. dropped on the ground or immersed in water, etc.)
  3. It is lost or stolen
  4. It is at the end of its useful life (e.g. an older model, software you need is not supported by the OS, etc.)
  5. It is a personal device and you wish to transfer your number to Century Group's corporate wireless plan

Note: Before you make the request, first check with your supervisor (as applicable) to authorize the need for procurement.

Step 2: Make the Request

Compose a message with with the following information:
  1. If it is a telephone, your mobile number including the prefix (e.g. 778 123-4567)
  2. The device you have now. If you know it, please include the model (e.g. BlackBerry Bold 9900)
  3. The device you would like as a replacement
  4. A second choice if the device you would like is not available
  5. When you need it, or the level of urgency

Submit the message to the Resolution Centre:
  • By Email to: '' 
  • By Web: Submit a new ticket by clicking the '+ New' button and select 'Purchase Request' from the 'Type' drop down menu and choose the level of urgency from the 'Priority' drop down menu.

Step 3: Track the Request

Visit the website at any time to see the status of your ticket.