Google Hangouts is Google's solution for staying connected with your team. In addition to being able to send messages, you can also conduct video and audio calls. These features work for contacts within Century Group (emails ending in, @briacommunities,,,, etc), as well as anyone with a Gmail address.

Hangout messages are also searchable in your Gmail inbox, which makes it easy to find all relevant info that may have been sent to you.

Google Hangouts can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of your email. You may need to select the Hangouts icon to see your previous messages.

You can start a new chat by selecting  "+" and you can search for who you want to message. There is an option to create a group to message multiple people at once. Many departments (such as Finance, IS, etc) have a group chat already set-up. Be sure to ask your team members if there is one you haven't been added to yet.

Once you're in a chat, you can send a message, or even call or video chat with someone