How to Present Wirelessly in the Anvil Meeting Rooms

  1. Turn TV on. 

  2. Make sure source is on HDMI 1, if it is you will see an AirTame welcome page.

  3. Follow the on Screen instructions to connect via WiFi to Century Group, password is “centralcity”.

    1. If you are using this for the first time download the AirTame application from here.

    2. If you have already downloaded Airtame previously, open the application from the start menu.

  4. Select Share Window or Share Screen for the meeting room which you are attempting to present to. If you do not see the meeting room listed you are able to search by the IP on the TV.

  1. Once you are presenting you can minimize the Airtame options by selecting the line in the top right corner.

  1. You can no choose to add audio, change what is displayed or stop sharing.