1. Navigate to the following folder Xerox
  2. Download the "Xerox_PC_Driver_5.528.10.0_PrintSetup.exe"
  3. The file will download in the bottom left corner. Once complete, click on the file to open it. 
  4. A dialogue box will appear, select Run. Agree to the T&C's
  5. You should now see a list of available copiers. Select the one you wish to install, click next and then Install. 

If you do not see a list of available copiers, click the second button at the top and enter the IP address for the printer you are wanting to add.

Head office: NEW Financial District ( Development block printer ( Technology Sector Printer (

Magnolia Gardens: Xerox Altalink 8055 (  Xerox® VersaLink™ B405DN MFP (

Sunridge Gardens:

The Waterford: Reception Xerox Altalink 8055 ( Care Xerox® VersaLink™ B405DN MFP (

The Wexford: Xerox Altalink 8055 (

Coast Tsawwassen Inn: Xerox Altalink C8070 (

Civic Hotel: Upstairs Xerox Altalink ( main floor Xerox Altalink (

  1. The copier will now install. This process usually take 2-3 mins. 
  2. When the install is complete select Finish.

N.B. After installation a window will open asking you to register, you DO NOT need to do this. Close the window.